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Strawberry, Maca Root & Acai Smoothie

Product Description

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

A smooth blend of superhero superfoods maca and acai, this shake packs in the protein and is also loaded with 70% of your daily Vitamin C needs, as well as some calcium, iron and fiber for good measure. This hydrating, energy boosting and immune-system enhancing powerhouse is best when used as a meal or to bookend your workouts.

Ingredients: almond milk, coconut water, acai puree, dates, cashews, strawberries, bananas, pitted dates, organic acai powder, indie fresh handmade granola (cashews, pecans, almonds, acai, fig puree, salt, organic coconut oil, vanilla bean, pepitas) organic maca powder, ALOHA Premium Plant Based Protein

Nutritionist Highlights:
+ Coconut water contains electrolytes and is an excellent source of hydration
+ 15 grams of naturally-derived protein to promote lean muscle growth
+ Meal replacement
+ Maca root is said to boost energy, immune system and even libido (!)
+ Cashews and almonds are a great source of fiber

Uses: This smoothie provides a great pre-workout boost and light post-workout recovery. Split it half and half and get both!

Shelf Life: 25 days


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